Future proof your cyber defences and realise genuine improvement over time with offensive, defensive,
and strategic cyber security solutions, delivering the outcomes you need by combating the threats you face.

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We offer a range of defined cyber security solutions to enable our clients to secure against cyber threats, and specialise in applying our broad cyber security capabilities to design and deliver custom projects and innovative solutions. The list below isn’t exhaustive and we regularly combine elements (and add new ones) to create custom solutions, solving unique challenges and realising specific outcomes for our clients.


Replicating real-world cyber threats, leveraging current threat intelligence to accurately and authentically simulate adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures

Security Assurance
Attack Simulation
Penetration Testing
Red Teaming


Configuring, implementing, and tuning controls to build resilient network defences, high-fidelity detection, and effective response to combat even the most advanced attackers

Security Hardening
Security Monitoring
Incident Response


Applying best practices, policies, frameworks and standards to create effective cyber transformation programmes, balancing risk reduction with the cost of change

Cyber Maturity Development
Cyber Security Audit


Thinking like an attacker to build effective defences

We know that ‘thinking like an attacker’ are words that are too often used by cyber security salespeople and marketeers, with little substance to back them up. But a threat-centric approach is essential to effectively calculate the risk of an attacker causing harm. 

Without an appreciation of the likelihood of an attacker leveraging certain tactics or tooling, it’s impossible to know which potential cyber attack scenarios pose the highest risk. Looking at which scenarios might pose the highest impact, or focusing on protecting the assets of highest criticality to your business, is only half of the equation. This is because what’s important or valuable to an attacker over the course of an attack doesn’t necessarily match what’s important or valuable to your business.

We use the concept of attack paths in everything we do.

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