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Future proof your cyber defences and realise genuine improvement over time.

Defined cyber security solutions

We offer a range of defined cyber security solutions to enable our clients to secure against cyber threats, and specialise in applying our broad cyber security capabilities to design and deliver custom projects and innovative solutions. The list below isn’t exhaustive and we regularly combine elements (and add new ones) to create custom solutions, solving unique challenges and realising specific outcomes for our clients.


Replicating real-world cyber threats, leveraging current threat intelligence to accurately and authentically simulate adversarial tactics, techniques and procedures.

Attack Simulation / Red Teaming

To be sure of their effectiveness, cyber defences must be regularly stress-tested against current adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures. An Attack Simulation exposes the organisation to a credible threat in an authentic setting. It provides the opportunity to test and exercise prevention, detection, and response capabilities and controls over the course of a realistic, end-to-end cyber attack.

Penetration Testing

Identifying and remediating exploitable vulnerabilities and misconfigurations is a staple of the cyber security services industry. Our flexible testing model and threat-led approach pinpoints the areas of greatest risk from the perspective of an attacker. Our goal-focused approach reduces vulnerability noise by focusing on the issues which are most likely to be exploited during an attack, with the greatest potential impact to your business.


Configuring, implementing, and tuning controls to build resilient network defences, high-fidelity detection, and effective response to combat even the most advanced attackers.

Security Hardening

Typical security projects are performed in isolation and rarely consider the “big picture”. Deliver targeted improvements to your security posture with a threat-centric approach, identifying the vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and control gaps.

Security Monitoring

A skilled and persistent cyber attacker will inevitably breach even the most robust defences. Simplify your security operations by leveraging our enterprise-grade managed security services, built to combat the latest offensive tooling and tradecraft.

Incident Response

When a cyber incident occurs, effective response is essential to minimise business impact and safely restore normal operations. Our skilled incident responders can prepare your teams and proactively intercept attacks whenever and wherever they occur.


Applying best practices, policies, frameworks and standards to create effective cyber transformation programmes, balancing risk reduction with the cost of change.

Cyber Maturity Development

Piecing together information security frameworks, risk management guidelines, policies, procedures, and technical safeguards into a coherent security operating model is no mean feat. We partner with organisations looking to develop an effective security organisation with the people, processes, and technology required for effective cyber operations to take place.

Cyber Security Audit

Organisations are required to attain and maintain compliance with a range of cyber security frameworks and standards, correlating with various levels of maturity, and technical validation required. We provide both certification and capability improvement support to help clients to achieve sustainable improvement, implement an effective security model, and achieve both current and future compliance.

Our Approach

Thinking like an attacker to build effective defences

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Achieve the cyber security outcomes you need.

We work to enable effective cyber security for our clients; helping them to future proof their cyber defences and realise genuine improvement over time.