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Cyber Maturity Development

We partner with organisations looking to develop an effective security organisation with the people, processes, and technology required for effective cyber operations to take place.

Cyber Maturity Development Capability Overview

An effective cyber security operating model comprises a multitude of overlapping functions, from specific technical and operational controls to broader capabilities for network monitoring and incident response.

As a result, it can be challenging to know where to begin to address priority risks, and the target level of security that should be aimed for. Piecing together information security frameworks, risk management guidelines, policies, procedures, and technical safeguards into a coherent security operating model is no mean feat.

We balance risk reduction with the cost of control to help clients to achieve a level of security appropriate for their organisation. By blending suitable security best practice without being constrained to a particular framework or standard, we help organisations to establish operations and controls appropriate for their business requirements, in line with the inherent threats and risks they face.


Avoid common pitfalls

Leverage our multi-disciplined teams and expertise to build a security function that works from the outset

Guide future development

Prioritise short-, medium-, and long-term improvements to sustainably improve your posture over time

Establish secure foundations

Apply recognised best practice in your business context without arbitrary compliance constraints

Optimise security investment

Focus on the areas which will yield material improvements to your security posture without overinvesting

Our Solutions

The list below isn’t exhaustive and we regularly combine elements (and add new ones) to create custom solutions, solving unique challenges and delivering specific outcomes for our clients.

Maturity Assessment

Organisations looking to assess and improve their cyber security baseline will often default to specific frameworks, standards, and certifications.

However, a compliance-driven approach often fails to accommodate the specific context and requirements of the organisation. Our approach blends the most suitable, tried, and tested elements of a range of recognised industry frameworks and standards into a cohesive assessment methodology, considering business risk requirements over compliance criteria alone.

Roadmap Implementation

Once security maturity has been baselined and an improvement plan created, it must then be implemented.

We can provide ongoing support with a range of activities during security plan implementation, from ad-hoc consultancy to specific security projects in order to achieve key outcomes. This can include tooling acquisition and tuning, security assurance programme implementation, and the creation and implementation of operating processes and procedures.

Virtual Security Services

Recruiting key personnel during a period of transformation can be challenging.

To fill this gap, our qualified and experienced personnel can operate as an integrated part of your security team to address capacity and capability gaps within the organisation. We can operate as a Virtual Security Manager or Virtual Chief Information Security Officer to support a range of strategic and operational security initiatives, including policy development, recruitment, risk assessment, compliance, security training, and crisis management.

Advisory Services

Organisations regularly approach us with custom challenges and requirements requiring a novel solution.

We are experienced in providing ongoing advice and consultancy to support a range of projects, including digital transformation, service migration, secure architecture implementation and compliance certification, helping clients to tackle key business challenges from an information security perspective to avoid expensive remediations in future.

Blue Team Managed Service PDF Download

Human-driven cyber security protection, detection, and response designed for your business; providing round the clock defence that is tuned to combat the threats you face.


Achieve the cyber security outcomes you need.

We work to enable effective cyber security for our clients; helping them to future proof their cyber defences and realise genuine improvement over time.