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Continuous Attack Surface Management (CASM)

CASM safeguards your organisation's network by tracking and monitoring your attack surface, delivering direct mitigation notifications on potential vulnerabilities before cyber attackers have the chance to exploit them.

Today's Challenge

While Attack Surface Mapping expands your awareness of previously unknown vulnerabilities and informs remediation efforts, a point-in-time assessment ultimately cannot guarantee long-term success when your attack surface is exposed to constant change.

Organisations routinely amend and add new infrastructure without security teams knowing if critical risks have been introduced, or worse, without knowing they exist at all.

Understand your organisation’s critical vulnerabilities before cyber attackers do.

Continuous Attack Surface Management (CASM) allows organisations comprehensive visibility over their attack surface on a continuous basis, identifying, prioritising and contextualising critical risks and remediations to stay ahead of attacker’s ever-evolving TTPs.

By focusing on issues that can be practically leveraged by attackers, JUMPSEC enables truly valuable remediations beyond generic CVSS scores. By conducting proactive threat hunting on a regular basis, we routinely stop threats at source before they escalate into active attacks, rapidly identifying and remediating risks that would otherwise remain dormant in the network until they are exploited externally.

Continuous Attack Surface Management (CASM) has unique features that enable visibility and control over your network:

Immediate updates when we identify a threat that affects your business

Reporting that evidences your level of improvement over time.

Contextualised data and expert analysis in collaboration with your security team.

Key Features

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Take control of your attack surface.

Connect with our dedicated team today and open the conversation about how the real-world impact of our ASM expertise can integrate and improve your organisation's unique security processes.