Helping you defend against cyber threats.


JUMPSEC have been helping organisations overcome the continuously evolving cyber threat landscape since 2012. We know the cyber security landscape like no other because of our combined experience, passion for knowledge, and research driven approach.

Intelligent Threat Hunters

Our core approach is different. By understanding your business context, industry profile and technology basis, we create tailored solutions for your business so you know you are covered at all times. We are proactively threat hunting on your behalf. We fundamentally do not believe in one generic solution fits all. Our R&D team seeks only the best tools, techniques, processes and technology in the industry. When we cannot find suitable technology to fit that brief, we build our own, whether it be a fully fledged SIEM, Endpoint detection and response systems, Threat Intelligence tools, advanced penetration testing tools and techniques, or vulnerability management tools.

We are proud to have created a continuously improving cycle of people, technology and threat intelligence to help us stay at the forefront of cyber security. Delivered from our state of the art Security Operations Centre, to Assure, Advise and Respond 24/7 365 days of the year.


Dedicated expert ethical hackers

We have a unique, UK based team of ethical hackers and security analysts and we invest in them so that they can further themselves personally and professionally. This gives us an edge because our team enjoys what we do and takes pride in helping defend our customers.

Understanding the hacker mindset

By understanding the hacker mindset, objectives, capabilities and techniques, we are able to interpret threat events more effectively and simulate real world attacks that exploit vulnerabilities, so we can help you close the gap between time to detect and time to compromise.

Industry leading tools and technology

In addition to using industry leading tools and technology we actively develop our own in-house toolsets so that our Security Operation Centre (SOC) and services are state of the art. This enables us to give you a clear advantage when combatting cyber threat.

Global threat intelligence network

We have created and maintain our own global threat intelligence network which collects data to expand our knowledge base. This enables us to continuously improve our understanding of the cyber risk landscape in order to help you defend against real world cyber attacks.



By joining JUMPSEC  you will become part of a  dynamic fast growing business in the cyber security sector, supporting our role in protecting organisations against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.


Awards and Accreditations

JUMPSEC’s services are underpinned by recognised standards, industry bodies and collaborative projects.


Covid-19 Support Hub

Find out how JUMPSEC can help your organisation in these evolving times.


Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

JUMPSEC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy reflects our voluntary commitment to actively managing our impact on our staff, community and planet. We are continually looking for ways to make a positive impact on the world around us, as well as fostering an environment of ingenuity, charity and responsibility.


JUMPSEC’s services are underpinned by recognised standards, industry bodies and collaborative projects. JUMPSEC is CREST, CHECK and NCSC accredited. LEARN MORE

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