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Helping you to future proof your cyber defences

Since 2012, JUMPSEC has worked to enable effective cyber security for its clients.

Our Philosophy

Solving the cyber security effectiveness problem

As cyber threats continue to evolve, investing in generic services and off-the-shelf products leaves organisations exposed by failing to deliver the specific outcomes they need. Repeating these investments each year means that the level of security never truly improves, as attackers effectively invest more than the defenders.

We don’t believe in generic services or off-the-shelf products and recognise that effective security solutions must be tailored. But tailored shouldn’t mean more expensive. An effective approach makes the best of available resources by focusing on defending against how, why, and where attackers will actually target your business, and building incremental improvement over time.

future proof your cyber defences with incremental improvement

We’re challenging traditional approaches to help our clients to break new ground.

We enable our clients to achieve the cyber security outcomes they need with creative solutions that aren’t constrained to standard ways of working.

We’ve grown organically in partnership with clients; developing capabilities, methodologies, and delivery models aligned to their needs. Working with a broad range of organisations across industry sectors, from tech start-ups to FTSE100 members, means that we understand our clients, and how to design effective solutions that work for them.

Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our company culture.

JUMPSEC welcomes individuals from a range of backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and genders. Diverse perspectives and ideas contribute positively to the uniqueness of our brand and enable the creative problem solving that our clients value.

Great people are at the heart of JUMPSEC. We retain passionate and dedicated consultants with a range of backgrounds, giving our clients access to cross-functional teams able to draw on different experiences and ideas to create solutions that are right for them.

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What do our clients say about us?

“JUMPSEC consistently provides high quality and reliable support, demonstrating expert knowledge in their field and composure in challenging situations, which gives us full confidence that they are the right security partner for the job!”

Groupe Atlantic – 2022


We’re a member of and regular contributor to the CREST community. Our consultants hold a range of certifications across different specialisms, demonstrating their commitment to quality service delivery.

Achieve the cyber security outcomes you need.

We work to enable effective cyber security for our clients; helping them to future proof their cyber defences and realise genuine improvement over time.