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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service

A tailored MDR service that delivers the optimal security outcomes for your organisation.

What is JUMPSEC Managed Detection and Response (MDR)?

JUMPSEC’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service is an extension of your security capability, a dedicated team of cyber security experts working tirelessly to protect your organisation’s critical assets, providing 24/7/365 monitoring, threat detection, and rapid response to live incidents.

This assurance that your organisation is constantly protected allows you to mitigate ‘alert-fatigue’, enabling a focus on long-term security resilience to become your key objective. We guarantee your organisation receives an MDR service that is truly sustainable in its operations.

Why you need MDR?

As the managed security services landscape continues to evolve—encompassing MDR, XDR, SIEM services, becomes increasingly challenging to discern your organisation’s exact needs. At JUMPSEC, we simplify this process by offering a core MDR service that includes everything you should expect an MDR service to cover; Detection & Response, Threat Hunting, Continuous Improvement, Informative & Actionable Reporting, and Incident Response. 

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How our service works

JUMPSEC’s CREST-accredited managed detection and response service combines people and technology to provide tailored and effective monitoring, detection, triage, investigation, and on-demand incident response.

Continuous monitoring and detection

24/7/365 coverage of the environment to safeguard against malicious activity.

Comprehensive log aggregation and storage

Coverage and log ingestion from all relevant areas of the network including endpoints.

Threat intelligence-led hunts

Regular, proactive threat hunting investigations driven by real-world intelligence.

Intelligent Security Alerts

Automated alerts developed specifically for your business and technological context.

Autonomous triage of alerts

Proactive triage and investigation with pre-approved response actions to reduce costly delays.

Rapid response to confirmed threats

Seamless transition to incident response in the event of a confirmed live threat.

Malware analysis

Analysis of malware during an incident from static analysis to full reverse engineering.

Advanced remote response

Rapid remote response to breaches.

Touchpoint human-to-human contact

Access to JUMPSEC analysts and regular meetings at your desired frequency.

Continuous development

Deployment of new features and planned updates at no additional cost.

Tailored dashboards and reporting

Realtime access to tailored monitoring dashboards displaying relevant metrics.

Regular service reviews and briefings

Opportunities to feedback, ask questions, and receive updates from JUMPSEC.

What our clients say...

What sets JUMPSEC MDR apart?

Top tier security requires human expertise. We stand out with our team’s deep security knowledge and ability to innovate in ways generic solutions cannot.

  • We don’t take a tick-box approach;- we tailor advice and service development based on evidence and cost-benefit analysis, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Something rarely achieved with generic MDR solutions.
  • Tailored to your business risk – rather than focusing on generic threats (low or high-sophistication) we build a service based on how an attacker is most likely to target you and implement response processes aligned with your operating model.
  • Contextual Intelligence  we offer something automated tools cannot. Threat hunters identify what attackers could do to your business and how they reach your most critical assets that could take your business down.

Because we have the right expertise, experience and approach, we’re able to provide you an outcome focused MDR service of the highest quality.

  •  Integrated team – the combined skillset of offensive, defensive & strategic  capabilities assures the effectiveness of controls, leveraging insights into attacker thinking and behaviours to inform incident response.
  • High Quality Security Professionals –  Hands-on-keyboard threats can only be stopped by skilled human defenders. Our NCSC, CREST, CHECK,  SANS, Assure, SC-200, AZ-500 certified analysts proactively identify threats that bypass automated detection.
  • Partnership together – We believe in working together, building custom rules and playbooks to meet your unique requirements, supporting your long term strategy.

Benefits of a tailored MDR service with JUMPSEC

Extensive visibility

Gain complete threat visibility across your environment, covering endpoints, networks, infrastructure (on-premise and cloud) and any other sources to reduce blind spots and enable threat movement to be tracked.

Continuous Service Improvement

Leveraging the latest tools and threat intelligence we ensure you are prepared for current and future threats. We collaborate with you to develop an evolving security programme. You will gain continuous protection from the team who rapidly triage, investigate and contain threats.

Maximised Investment

Technology-agnostic services to optimise your current technology stack, enhancing and safeguarding your investment for greater value from your chosen security solutions.

Grows with you

A detection and response service that fits to your entire estate, with the flexibility to grow with your business over time.

Ease In-house pressure

We become an extension of your team, with complete transparency to support your organisation 24/7/365.

 Real-time threat management

Real-time, client-specific threat detection, in-depth analysis, and swift remote responses. Our operational focus prioritise rapid containment over lengthy incident investigations, minimising disruptions to your business operations and strengthening your defences.

Talk to our MDR experts

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