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Build on your cyber security investment year on year.

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Established security solutions

Industry-recognised security services to support your cyber operations

Established security solutions are an important part of any comprehensive security program. JUMPSEC routinely support organisations in assuring the security of their digital systems and technologies, designing and implementing their security strategies, and responding to live cyber attacks targeting their network.

JUMPSEC are experienced in helping organisations to derive maximum value from their routine security projects - providing high-quality deliverables on-time and on-budget to achieve the desired project outcome.


Leading solutions aligned with industry thought leadership

Organisations which undertake cutting-edge security projects recognise the limitations of conventional approaches in terms of scalability, efficiency, and risk reduction. They want to address these deficiencies by pursuing improved security outcomes which generate improved risk reduction.

JUMPSEC routinely support clients in transforming their security operations by moving away from the frustrations of compliance-dictated security processes, or silver-bullet product solutions, which inevitably fail to deliver the outcomes they need.

Breaking new ground

Overcome challenges encountered at the forefront of cyber security

Organisations at the forefront of the industry face unique challenges that are unlikely to be addressed by established solutions. These organisations are at the 'bleeding edge' of digital innovation, leading the way in terms of their adoption of transformative technologies. This has had a systemic impact on their business structure and operating model, and the associated security requirements.

Operating at the bleeding edge requires the application of innovative thinking to novel challenges. JUMPSEC clients lead the way in achieving outcomes which break new ground within cyber security.


JUMPSEC's technical and strategic security capabilities are built on the knowledge and expertise of its consultants. We are proud to share insights from the people at the heart of JUMPSEC.



The series will unravel the science behind best practice cyber security approaches, and equip you with a toolkit to validate the scientific merits of third-party products and services.


The Importance of trust in the business of - and defence against - ransomware attacks

Exploring the importance of trust and transparency in the fight against ransomware, and the need for an environment which enables and rewards good behavior.


Securing against new offensive techniques abusing active directory certificate service

Applying recent offensive security research into adversarial techniques targeting insecure functionality in active direcory certificate service in a defensive context.

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