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Experts in cyber defence and attack – Security is in our DNA

You need cyber security that covers it all.

We create innovative cyber security solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our teams of creative thinkers defend against attacks with proactive threat intelligence.

We help our clients achieve threat optimised security. Giving you complete confidence you are secure always.

JUMPSEC Capabilities


Assurance Services

JUMPSEC is a leader in the provision of Penetration Testing.. We offer a comprehensive range of testing and assurance services that progressively help you to measure risk, reduce your exposure and advise on how to best secure your assets.

All of JUMPSEC’s services are performed and supported by our in-house team of CREST certified expert ethical hackers and cyber security analysts.


Managed Security Services

JUMPSEC offers a wide range of services designed to continuously scan your systems for weaknesses and swiftly alert you to any abnormalities. From automated scanning, to having JUMPSEC engineers continually threat-hunting on your behalf, there are levels of service to suit all sizes of risk appetite.


Cyber Strategy and Consulting

We believe in transferring knowledge to our clients to help combat cyber threats. The wealth of knowledge our team has built is available in a suite of Cyber consulting and advisory services.

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Penetration Testing

The more your organisation relies on technology, the more important it is to know if your existing security is robust enough to stand up to new and emerging threats.

Performed by our team of expert ethical hackers, JUMPSEC’s CREST Accredited Penetration Testing comprehensively identifies areas of potential vulnerabilities in your systems and informs your strategies in the future.



JUMPSEC have been helping organisations overcome the continuously evolving cyber threat landscape since 2012. We know the cyber security landscape like no other because of our combined experience, passion for knowledge, and research driven approach.

What our Customers say

“Just wanted to extend a big thank you to you and the team for completing the pen test and report as quickly as you did despite all of the challenges at our end. The team were pleased with the results and really appreciated the level of detail and technical insight you provided. Will definitely be putting you forward for future projects I work on and recommending you wherever I can”

University of London

“It’s all about true partnerships at the AA.  We work with some of the biggest names in the IT industry and despite the size of some of these companies, we don’t always get a direct partnership approach. JUMPSEC engage in a true partnership approach that tends to get the best out of our teams. We want to work on a long-term relationship. JUMPSEC have the collective experience and intellect to support our Information Security team and will continue to be the primary security testers for the AA.”

Darren Desmond
Director of Information Security
The AA

“Public Health England take the security of our IT systems very seriously and decided to engage with JUMPSEC to undertake a security assessment with penetration testing of both our external and internal systems to understand our security. We were impressed with how JUMPSEC worked with us before testing took place, carefully defining the scope for the testing and tailoring their services uniquely to reflect our requirements and deadlines. We were impressed with the quality of services provided by JUMPSEC and are very pleased with the overall testing assessment. Public Health England would be happy to recommend JUMPSEC to other organisations, and look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

Public Health England

“JUMPSEC are very much a partner to Greggs. They understand the challenges we face and have been instrumental in keeping us ahead”

Simon Wales
Information Security Manager

“The quality of JUMPSEC’s testing and reporting, coupled with their well managed and flexible approach to delivery, make them a preferred supplier when it comes to penetration testing and assurance”

Hertfordshire County Council

“The engagement was well managed from the beginning though to the final retest keeping us well informed throughout”

QIC Global

“Knowing that we have a team of experts who are the forefront of cyber security helps us sleep at night”

Matthew Eddolls
Commercial Director

“We had initial concerns due to the highly technical nature and complexity of our code base that value from testing might be limited. Thankfully JUMPSEC exceeded our expectations in their grasp of our technology, and were up and running in a matter of days, building a complete test environment as part of the project and demonstrating their deep understanding of this field”


“We are pleased with the way JUMPSEC worked with us and the content and results they have provided. They’ve helped navigate the potential of what we can do in cybersecurity”

Adam Jones

Certified security services you can depend on

JUMPSEC’s services are underpinned by recognised standards, industry bodies and collaborative projects. JUMPSEC is CREST, CHECK and NCSC accredited. LEARN MORE

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