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Incident Response

When a cyber incident occurs, effective response is essential to minimise business impact and safely restore normal operations.

Incident Response Capability Overview

When a cyber incident occurs, effective response is essential to minimise business impact and safely restore normal operations. Our skilled, experienced, and accredited incident responders can prepare your teams and proactively intercept, contain, and remediate attacks whenever and wherever they occur – before an attacker can achieve their goals.

There is clear evidence that the faster a cyber breach can be identified and contained, the lower its potential cost and impact. Despite this, cyber security vendors continue to rely on reactive, ‘post-mortem’ services – deploying boots-on-the-ground to manage recovery and clean-up with the damage already done.

We provide the tooling, guidance, and capabilities to facilitate proactive remote response and combat attacks of all levels of sophistication – including live, ‘hands-on-keyboard’ threats from persistent and motivated adversaries using sophisticated offensive tooling and tradecraft.

Outcomes You Achieve

Respond anytime

Remotely deploy incident responders to intercept, contain, and eradicate threats on your network

Ready your staff

Equip first responders with the knowledge to make decisions under pressure and avoid common mistakes

Identify threats

Supplement reactive response with proactive hunting to spot early signs of malicious activity

Build resilience

Implement and test contingency plans to minimise the operational disruption caused by a cyber incident

Our Solutions

The list below isn’t exhaustive and we regularly combine elements (and add new ones) to create custom solutions, solving unique challenges and delivering specific outcomes for our clients.

Incident Response Retainer

Our on-demand remote incident management and response service is designed to minimise the financial and operational impact of a cyber security incident, underpinned by guaranteed support for high priority alerts within one hour.

We deploy to all areas of the network, with experienced incident responders using our powerful intercept agent to combat live threats on workstation and servers, maximising the time available to responders to intercept, contain, and neutralise a breach, limiting the business impact.

Compromise Assessment

Adversaries can ‘dwell’ on a network for weeks or months before initiating the final stages of a cyber attack.

We perform a time-boxed sweep of your network to gather evidence of nascent compromise by remotely analysing system level data including processes, hashes, and memory dumps for malicious indicators, informed by current intelligence of the likely cyber threats you face. A Compromise Assessment provides reasonable assurances of a ‘clean bill of health’ for your network, and peace of mind for your business.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Similar to a Compromise Assessment, we can perform regular investigative threat hunting sprints to identify nascent threats before they mature into a full-scale compromise.

Proactive Threat Hunting is a valuable supplement to alert-based monitoring as it focuses on the identification of esoteric techniques and tooling designed to evade standard monitoring controls such as generic detection rules and signatures. Regular hunting provides ongoing visibility of your network to identify and respond to threats as they arise.

On-demand Incident Response

We offer ad-hoc support to organisations without a retainer who find themselves in the midst of a cyber incident, providing support across all stages of the incident lifecycle including triage, management, investigation, containment, and eradication.

This includes remote response, leveraging existing tooling or rapidly deploying our cloud-based intercept agent, and on-site incident management where necessary, with post-incident remediation and recovery support to enable the safe restoration of normal operations.

Crisis Management Exercise

A crisis management exercise provides employees with a safe and controlled environment to rehearse their roles in the incident management and response process.

We gauge the readiness of your teams to both respond and recover from a relevant cyber incident scenario, in terms of people, process, and technology. The structure follows a series of discussion points where key questions or ‘injects’ are put to the team to discuss a suitable response, highlighting process gaps and demonstrating the business impact of decisions.

NCSC CIR L2 Assured Service Provider.
Press Release

JUMPSEC named as a NCSC Assured Service Provider for the CIR scheme

As a leading cyber security company in the UK, JUMPSEC is proud to be named a National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Assured Service Provider for the NCSC Cyber Incident Response (CIR) Level 2 (L2) scheme. This prestigious recognition, operated by CREST as an official delivery partner for the NCSC, confirms JUMPSEC’s commitment to providing top-tier cyber security services across the UK.

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