Assure the security of your business-critical systems and applications.

About JUMPSEC Penetration Testing Services

JUMPSEC Penetration Testing services simulate the techniques and tradecraft leveraged by advanced cyber attackers, to deliver robust assurances that you are secured from cyber threats. JUMPSEC services are designed to help clients to both understand and reduce their risk exposure by delivering an authentic assessment of resilience to real-world cyber threats.

JUMPSEC's testing approach is based on a range of industry best practices, using methodologies derived from a range of best practices, testing frameworks and standards. JUMPSEC consultants are suitably qualified and experienced, with certifications from industry recognised bodies such as CREST, attesting to their technical and professional standards.


Secure your digital applications by identifying vulnerabilities that could affect the confidentiality, integrity or availability of systems and data.


Secure your network infrastructure by identifying vulnerabilities that could enable an attacker to subvert, disrupt or destroy your digital assets and the business services they support.

Physical Penetration Testing

Secure your offices and facilities by assessing the security controls protecting your physical assets to prevent malicious actors from bypassing your digital controls.

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    Penetration Testing is a core component of any effective cyber security programme. Regular assessment of your digital assets will help to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that will enable them to subvert, disrupt or destroy the digital services upon which your business depends.

    • Secure your critical digital systems and assets against malicious activity.
    • Manage cyber risk by identifying and remediating exploitable vulnerabilities.
    • Build customer, regulator, and stakeholder confidence in your organisational security posture.
    • Meet internal and external compliance requirements by regularly assuring the security posture of your digital assets.
    • Operate your business with peace of mind that your digital assets are secured
    • Build resilience against the ways that a real world attacker will target your network


    deep understanding of the attacker mindset

    Our consultants have a deep understanding of the attacker mindset, enabling them to accurately and authentically assess the security of systems and applications based on the methods that real-world threat actors are likely to use.

    Flexible and tailored delivery approach

    Our flexible and tailored delivery approach puts your needs first; we don't deliver productised services and are proud to offer creative, custom solutions which can be shaped to meet your business needs, and deliver your desired testing outcomes.

    Comprehensive testing methodology

    We follow a comprehensive testing methodology providing robust assurances that your systems and the business processes they support have been appropriately secured, giving confidence to stakeholders, shareholders, and customers alike.

    World class, CREST certified offensive security consultants

    Access to world class, CREST certified offensive security consultants providing a professional testing service, producing high-quality deliverables with prioritisation of remedial activities based on risk, broader recommendations for root-cause fixes to common challenges, and clear communication of business value.

    Access to JUMPSEC's broader consulting expertise

    JUMPSEC provides access to JUMPSEC's broader consulting expertise beyond the scope of the test, across offensive, defensive, and strategic security disciplines, enhancing the quality of advice and remediation guidance we can provide.

    Trusted security advisor

    We want to continually support our clients as they embark upon their security journey; partnering with JUMPSEC guarantees you a trusted security advisor; offering impartial support with your long-term capability development to tackle security challenges as they arise.

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