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Custom Adversarial Simulation

Improve your cyber resilience with adversarial simulations customised for your environment.

We understand the frustrations of being boxed into commoditised service offerings that apply a one-size-fits-all approach to your unique circumstances.

One of our biggest differentiators in the marketplace is our preference to build bespoke tailored engagements from the ground up.

No two organisations are alike when it comes to cyber security, and we believe in offering a service suited to the requirements of every client, regardless of their size, sector, or maturity. We want to understand your specific challenges and create an engagement aligned to your desired outcomes by leveraging a flexible and agile approach.

Our customised adversarial simulation exercises are goal oriented, and mimic the behaviours of a specific threat actor,

Examples of Customised Adversarial Solutions we have delivered for our clients:

Financial Services Technical Debt Assessment

Aware of the risk introduced by legacy infrastructure but frustrated with how previous vendors had interpreted the real-world impact, a bank engaged JUMPSEC.

Understanding the frustrations of our client, JUMPSEC built a custom engagement targeting the technical debt in isolation but with a hyper-focus on the mitigating controls surrounding it and the real-world impact it introduced. The project resulted in the bank gaining insight into the true risk introduced by the technical debt when looking at it through the lens of the wider security context.

Global Fintech Lateral Movement Assessment

Our client, a leading foreign exchange, was concerned with the potential impact that could come from an adversary that was able to access certain sensitive parts of their internal estate.

JUMPSEC conducted a comprehensive assessment of their lateral movement vectors to provide the FinTech with more understanding of their contextual risk in this area.

Manufacturer Attack Path Validation

Interested in a more adversarial approach than traditional penetration testing but not being able to undertake a large-scale red teaming exercise, a marketing company solicited JUMPSEC’s advice.

Together we identified the client’s most critical assets and mapped out likely attack paths to their compromise. attack paths were then validated to provide the greatest value in a reduced engagement window, leaving the client with the answers to the key questions.

Red Team Engagement focused on Operational Technology

Many organisations heavily rely on operational technology (manufacturers, ISPs, industrial organisations).

They often find off-the-shelf solutions do not address their greatest concerns. JUMPSEC has collaborated with these companies to tailor engagements to focus on protecting the beating hearts of these organisations: their operational technology.

How we approach each project

Our approach is to always understand unique challenges facing our clients and build a solution that can deliver the right outcome for them. We ensure we create an appropriate solution adapting our methodology, taking into consideration the industry, technology, maturity, and budget of our clients.


Understand the ‘why’ behind your request.

This is often the single most overlooked question that holds the most answers. With a clear understanding of the motivation behind a project we can ensure our solution delivers the intended value.


Listen to the unique challenges

Listen to the unique challenges facing the organisation in question and understand why an off-the-shelf solution may not be appropriate. When aligning a solution with the client’s needs, we sometimes find that it can look quite different to the original request. We see this as progress towards a truly valuable solution!


Work with you to provide a solution that makes sense

Work with you to provide a solution that makes sense, both technically and financially. JUMPSEC have created engagements ranging from 5-day engagement windows to 50+!

Achieve the cyber security outcomes you need.

We work to enable effective cyber security for our clients; helping them to future proof their cyber defences and realise genuine improvement over time.