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The science behind cyber security simulations

By September 15, 2021March 18th, 2024Insights2 min read

Why simulate a cyber security crisis?

This article is the first in our series on the Science Behind Cyber Security. Cyber security is often seen as a bit like the wild west, where it’s difficult to differentiate genuine solutions from snake oil. You can counter this by applying a scientific approach to scrutinise your planned cyber investments. As a buyer, you can find reassurance in the science and logic of a solution.

The series will unravel the science behind best practice cyber security approaches, and equip you with a toolkit to validate the scientific merits of third-party products and services.

Our first article is on cyber crisis simulations. Many organisations can underestimate the importance of simulating a cyber incident. But there are few things as important as your readiness to respond to a cyber incident; exciting tools are just one part of the equation and are nothing without the right people and processes to drive them. We discuss the psychology and methodology of a good crisis simulation, and the value of stress-testing your cyber security defences.