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Summer Industry briefing London

Our most recent in-person UK Briefing took place on 11th June 2024, for those that couldn’t attend in person, you can find the recordings of the presentations below.

The purpose of this event was to provide:

  • A platform to share our research and latest technical and business-related insights
  • Practical ‘how-to-tips’
  • Guidance from cyber-security experts
  • The opportunity to network with peers and discuss the latest industry trends with our consultants

Presentation Recordings

Shifting perspectives in cyber security presented by Matt Lawrence, Head of Security Operations

Matt discusses why evidence-based detections are critical to stopping attackers from achieving their actions and objectives earlier in the kill chain process.

Inside Continuous Attack Surface Management presented by Bjoern Schwabe – Head of CASM

Bjoern discusses how we navigate data complexities, filter crucial insights and only true positives to secure your digital footprint. Through real-world examples, bridge the gap between technical intricacies and managerial understanding, gaining clarity on the vital role CASM plays in cybersecurity.

Ransomware trends update presented by Sean Moran, Enablement Manager

Sean presents latest insight into the UK ransomware landscape.

Sentinel adoption and migration, presented by Harry Senior Head of Defensive Security

Harry presents insights about our journey with Sentinel and talking through experiences with clients the challenges they have faced and the solutions we adopted for them.

A red teamer’s forecast – Cloudy with a chance of hacks presented by Max Corbridge, Head of Adversary Simulation

Our adversarial simulation team will outline how attackers exploit cloud infrastructure and offer strategies to counter their efforts. Key insights involve recognising significant security risks in cloud adoption, including emerging attack vectors, comprehending hacker tactics in cloud settings, and swiftly implementing effective measures to safeguard cloud environments.