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JUMPSEC is delighted to be a sponsor of Cyber Scheme, a not-for-profit organisation providing examinations and training to develop the next generation of cyber security professionals.

The Cyber Scheme support, educate, and recruit the new generation of talent with GCHQ/NCSC accredited examinations that meet UK Government Standards in Penetration Testing. Their mission is also to help sponsors source and train the next generation of cyber security professionals by ensuring that they are ready to work in the industry.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Cyber Scheme also provide support to young and vulnerable groups in addition to developing training portals for those from a non-academic background, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to enter the cyber security industry.

 “Cyber Scheme is pleased to have the JUMPSEC team as supporters,” said Charles White, Managing Director of The Cyber Scheme.

Sam Temple, CEO of JUMPSEC, said “JUMPSEC is proud to support Cyber Scheme’s mission in addressing the current skills gap by providing a new route into the industry. We look forward to using our knowledge and experience to assist with future projects.”