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JUMPSEC, LONDON, 30 April 2020 | Press Release


Examination success for our JUMPSEC Red Team

During these difficult times. We are delighted to have some good news; two members of our Red team have recently passed two different well-known cyber security examinations:

Howard Ching has passed his exam for Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP).

Certified OSCPs can identify existing vulnerabilities and execute organized attacks in a controlled and focused manner.

Completing the 24-hour exam demonstrates persistence and determination. An OSCP has also shown they can think outside the box while managing both time and resources.

Tom Ellson has qualified as a CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester. The CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester examination is a very rigorous assessment of the candidate’s ability to assess a network for flaws and vulnerabilities at the network and operating system layer.

We offer our congratulations to both Howard and Tom.


Here at JUMPSEC we want to ensure that every single employee has the tools to excel in their role – it is important for our employees, but it is good for our customers and our business too. Several members of the JUMPSEC team are currently studying hard and we look forward to hearing more good news soon.

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Donna Stobart-Hook

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