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SOC as a Service

Helping you defend against cyber threats by providing enterprise-grade Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitoring, detection, and response services.

JUMPSEC’s SOC-as-a-Service provides continuous network monitoring and threat detection.

JUMPSEC’s analysts work as an extension of your IT team, analysing logs and security alerts to identify potentially malicious events which could indicate the presence of attacker activity targeting your internal- and external-facing network assets.

Malicious activity is diagnosed through a process of anomaly-based detection, whereby your normal network and user behaviours are assessed against unusual activity. Monitoring is informed by both ‘known-bad’ signatures and contextualised ‘threat hunting’ exercises specific to your network and relevant to your business profile to identify malicious activity.

JUMPSEC’s analysts utilise a combination of automated, rule-based detections and manual hunting to provide robust assurance that your network is unaffected by malicious activity. JUMPSEC’s approach is highly scalable and adaptive, whereby manual hunts are converted to automated, signature-based modules over time. This provides SOC-as-a-Service clients with a database of continually evolving detection rules tuned to the specific technologies they use, and the business context within which they operate.

Why should you consider SOC as a Service.

There is a growing consensus within the security industry that preventive controls will inevitably fail when faced with a persistent and capable adversary.

As a result, many organisations are looking to move from prevention-based approaches (stopping an attacker gaining a foothold on an organisation’s network) toward detection and response (identifying, containing and eradicating threats that gain access to the network).

However, implementing and maintaining an effective security monitoring and detection capability is no mean feat. Attackers are continually adapting and evolving. Modern attack techniques are often undetectable via traditional means and are designed to evade and subvert detective controls and traditional monitoring solutions. Maintaining detection rules and controls which keep pace with the escalating cyber arms race can be challenging for even the most well-resourced organisations.

Building and maintaining an effective 24/7 SOC requires significant, continuous investment across people, process, and technology.

As such, it will take a number of years for an organisation to build a sufficient capability that is able to effectively defend against advanced threat actors.

JUMPSEC’s SOC-as-a-Service provides rapid and cost-effective access to enterprise-grade capabilities in a more effective and efficient manner than implementing in-house. Partnering with JUMPSEC provides comprehensive monitoring at a lower cost with significantly shorter lead time until operational. Partnering with a dedicated security consultancy like JUMPSEC is also likely to deliver superior protection over an in-house solution in the long-term, due to our continued exposure to a wider range of threats in defending numerous organisations against both opportunistic and targeted attacks.

Outcomes You Achieve

Advanced cyber protection through detection and response

Enhance your network resilience by integrating advanced detection and response capability into your security operating model to reduce your susceptibility to both opportunistic and targeted attacks.

Continuously secure against emerging threats

JUMPSEC’s SOC-as-a-Service provides you with peace of mind that your network is unaffected by emerging vulnerabilities and relevant attack trends seen in the wild.

Managed risk exposure through reduced time to detect and respond

JUMPSEC continuously monitor and analyse data activity in order to provide relevant and timely detection of any security incidents affecting your internal and external assets, reducing risk by closing an attacker’s window of opportunity.

Reduce cyber security overheads driving efficiency

SOC-as-a-Service seamlessly integrates with client operations. Utilising JUMPSEC and its proprietary technology stack will often enable many organisations to phase out redundant technology, service providers, and software, streamlining security overheads.

Benefit from a continuously evolving capability without increasing costs

The overheads associated with building and maintaining a current SOC capability in-house are likely to increase exponentially; JUMPSEC can provide industry-leading detection capability at a fixed fee without incurring hidden or unexpected later.

Demonstrable assurance that your systems are secure

JUMPSEC provide tailored reporting and dashboards to deliver at-a-glance assurance that your network is protected and your organisation is secured against cyber threats and risks.

Core Components

Continuous monitoring and detection

24/7/365 coverage of your internal and external network assets to safeguard you against malicious cyber activity as it occurs.

AI driven behavioural analysis

Machine learning algorithms profile network behaviour to baseline normal activity and spot anomalous behaviour, which is validated through manual investigations.

Rapid notification of critical issues

Urgent escalation of high-risk findings to ensure decisive action can be taken to mitigate emerging security exposures.

Comprehensive monthly reports detail investigation activities and notable findings.

Integrated vulnerability scanning

Proactive vulnerability scanning on internal and external systems to identify, manage, and remediate vulnerabilities as they arise.

Seamless access to JUMPSEC experts

Partnering with JUMPSEC provides regular and ad-hoc access to our security experts across our offensive, defensive, and strategic teams to respond to queries and offer guidance.

Event log aggregation and analysis

Automatic collection and secure storage of event log data from across the IT estate in a highly searchable format to enable rapid analysis to identify malicious indicators.

Tailored threat intelligence

To guide proprietary TI feeds are used in combination with a deep understanding of the organisation’s threat profile to continuously identify emerging threats, from vulnerabilities affecting technologies deployed to changes in the threat landscape.

Intuitive dashboards

Real-time access to and visibility of event monitoring dashboards, which can be tailored to display findings and indicators relevant to different audiences within the organisation.

Decisive first response to threats

Should a breach be identified, JUMPSEC can rapidly respond using the JCORE technology stack to decisively contain and eradicate live threats on your network.

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