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How to perform a Security Incident Response Tabletop Exercise

Training Course

Hosted by JUMPSEC Detection and Response Team

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Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises

Evaluate and measure your organisations breach readiness maturity.

Could you assemble all your stakeholders, review the facts, issue approved communications, kick start the correct crisis plan, warn all staff, avoid accidental communications, speak to regulators? The clock is ticking!

Conducting regular security incident response tabletop exercises prepares your organisation for ransomware or other types of cyber-attacks. Just having an incident response team to deal with cyber threats is not adequate anymore. Simulation exercises are vital to the wellbeing of any business today.

About the workshop

  • This workshop will provide you with the first steps you need to go back to your business and evaluate your organisation’s preparedness in the event of an Incident. Building resilience for you and your team.
  • You will be part of a two hour tabletop exercise where we simulate a scenario, replicating the likely stages of a real life incident.
  • The workshop is highly interactive and immersive, guided by an experienced team of offensive and defensive specialists who will require you to make decisions under pressure.
  • You will learn from the deep experience they have gained from being thrown into a crisis situation.
  • At JUMPSEC we believe that when it comes to cyber crisis management you need to practise regularly in order to think instinctively during a real incident.

Outcomes from the workshop

  • A crisis management exercise provides you with a safe and controlled environment to experience how various roles in an organisation are affected during the incident management and response process.
  • The workshop will provide you with the first steps you need to go back to your business and evaluate and improve your organisation’s preparedness for an incident.
  • The workshops will provide a unique platform for learning, and you will gain valuable insights from our highly skilled Detection and Response team.
    You can ask the team the questions you need to start planning back in your business.


We are a UK leading cyber consultancy and Managed Service Provider with cyber incident and crisis management expertise, offering advisory services, training, and bespoke workshops in all areas of cyber crisis management, incident planning, incident response testing and tabletop exercises. We have a high skilled Detection and Response team with years of experience running real incident response situations. They are the real experts.

What do you need to bring?

You do not need to prepare in advance. Please bring your mobile phone and or a laptop.

What do our clients say?

Feedback from the workshop we ran at the National Cyber Security Show, was overwhelmingly positive…

“I never considered how an incident impacted my colleagues until now!”

“I took away some tactical wins for my organisation allowing me to be better prepared, for example, checking our poor communications process”

“Really great to experience an incident in a safe environment, the scenario really led itself to everyone having a role to play”

My team and I enjoyed the collaborative nature of the exercise. It has given us some tools to take back to the business to help us be more prepared.

Meet your trainers for the workshop

Our highly skilled Defence and Response responders.

Matt Lawerence (high res)_12

Matt Lawrence

Head of Defensive Security

Harry Senior

Lead Analyst
Max Corbridge

Max Corbridge

Senior Security Consultant

Achieve the cyber security outcomes you need.

We work to enable effective cyber security for our clients; helping them to future proof their cyber defences and realise genuine improvement over time.