Wireless Penetration Testing

Ensure cyber criminals do not access your wireless network 

What is wireless penetration testing

Unsecure wireless networks can potentially allow attackers to gain access to your network, intercept and steal valuable data. Wireless penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities, quantifies the damage these could cause and determines how they should be remediated. By demonstrating impact JUMPSEC can provide a clear and concise report detailing how and where vulnerabilities exist and what damage can be done upon exploitation.

Why is Wireless penetration testing important? 

Our wireless penetration testing provides you with the assurance that your wireless network is secure.

With JUMPSEC you we give you:

Risk Analysis Insight: You will gain an understanding of the level of risk wireless networks pose to your organisation and how to mitigate this risk. 

We test all aspects of your wireless security to identify known common vulnerabilities and weak encryption schemes. We also perform security reviews on wireless network boundaries, network segregation and wireless device/network configurations for the comprehensive assurance of your wireless network infrastructure.

Greater flexibility for users:  whilst able to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Compliance regulation: PCI DSS regulations can be maintained.

Why use JUMPSEC for your network testing?


We understand the hacker mindset, objectives, strategies, and techniques our expert ethical hackers and security researchers ensure simulation of real-world attacks, but in a safe non-disruptive way.

State of the art tools and techniques 

Our team uses the latest techniques combined with state-of-the-art toolsets drawing from commercial, open source and our own in-house developed tools. We constantly evolve our methodology to ensure the most up to date tools and techniques are employed.

Comprehensive and tailored 

We tailor our Penetration Tests to your organisation’s needs; risk profile and budget and we can conduct a wide variety of Penetration Tests depending on your environment and needs including: