Technical Security Consultant

Do you consider yourself technically elite but see the importance of being a consultant, not just a tester

Can you translate technical security principles into a business context to help clients to understand risk?

Have you got experience of leading security programmes for highly targeted organisations (e.g. CNI)?

Can you demonstrate innovative thinking through either technical or strategic cyber security research? 

If yes to all of these questions, a career with JUMPSEC could be perfect for you


Despite its relatively young age, the cyber security industry has already picked up its fair share of commodified services and old school attitudes – doing things a certain way because that’s the way it is

At JUMPSEC, we don’t think that our clients should be constrained to what has gone before. We want to help them to find novel and forward-thinking ways of meeting their cyber security needs in the face of a continuously evolving and growing cyber threat. To do this, we work hard to understand our clients and the challenges they face to create tailored solutions and avoid generic, off-the-shelf products and services.

This means that JUMPSEC’s technical team must be able to consult, not just test. The successful candidate must therefore have strong stakeholder management skills and proven adaptability, able to flex existing approaches as well as design and deliver custom solutions aligned to a client’s unique circumstances. 

But being a great consultant isn’t mutually exclusive with being technically elite. The candidate must possess advanced knowledge of technical principles and a proven ability to problem solve – without defaulting to a penetration test. Also essential is experience of securing and defending a range of operating systems and technologies including cloud, mobile, IoT, and OT, in addition to performing more advanced tasks such as adversarial simulation and exploit development. Possessing certifications such as CTM/CTL or CRT/CCT is desirable and are a good way of demonstrating solid underlying competencies – but they aren’t the whole picture. 

Joining JUMPSEC is a fantastic opportunity to grow your professional skills and reputation by taking on some of the high-profile projects we have planned. These are going to be large-scale undertakings where you will lead some of our key clients through a process of security improvement, with a mixture of formal projects and deliverables as well as a good deal of informal support. These projects will present a challenge both technically and operationally but are a great opportunity for you to hone and showcase your consulting skills. For these projects, you should be eligible for or hold current SC (or higher) status. 

So – we are calling out to consultants with a few years’ experience under their belt, who can demonstrate going above and beyond the expectations of the average penetration tester (maybe by taking responsibility for growing a new service area, or contributing some impressive research?). If you think this description fits you and you’re ready to step up (but haven’t been given the opportunity to do so in your current employment) we’d love to hear from you. Joining JUMPSEC is an opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader, championing new and improved ways of working to grow both your own reputation and that of JUMPSEC within the cyber security industry.   

The role comes with up to £45,000 p/a starting salary (with some flexibility depending upon experience), with flexible location (although we will sometimes want to see you in the office in Acton, London), 23 days holiday, and a stack of benefits including company away days and a subsidised cafe. 

Apply on LinkedIn or send your CV and Cover Letter to [email protected].

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