A cost effective on-demand technology that helps you proactively prepare to respond to a cyber incident with the capabilities of our Security Operations Centre service.


JUMPSEC’s unique SOC-on-Demand service embeds our Security Operation Centre technology in the key assets within your business and continuously and discretely collects and stores key systems event logs allowing us to immediately respond to a security breach and reduce the attack window.

JUMPSEC is CREST SOC accredited, giving you the assurance that our SOC-on-Demand Service maintains the highest standards.


The threat of cyber-attack is indiscriminate of an organisation’s size and therefore it is of paramount importance that organisations of all sizes understand their risk profile and security posture. Not all organisations have the resources or the need to build a Security Operations Centre, which is why JUMPSEC have created SOC-on-Demand for organisations with a constrained security budget or lower threat profile. SOC-on-Demand gives these organisations the ability to investigate cyber security breaches that may occur and enables compliance with GDPR reporting requirements.


Reduced time, effort and cost to obtain breach related data

Investigation of a cyber security incident can be a very time consuming and expensive exercise, especially if an organisation has not actively logged events, or has not logged the right events. SOC-on-Demand is tailored to your network and pre-configured to continuously capture the right data so that if an incident occurs the time, effort and cost needed to investigate is reduced.

Minimising the attack window

Because SOC-on-Demand proactively prepares you to respond to an incident, by continuously logging and securely storing the right key security events from multiple sources within your IT network, it dramatically reduces the attack window. If an incident or breach occurs our expert team will access the logs and rapidly investigate the incident, establish the timeline of events and advise on steps required to contain the breach.

Compliance peace of mind

There is increasing pressure on organisations to disclose information about security breaches to authorities such as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and with GDPR organisations are obliged to report breaches within 72 hours of detection. SOC-on-Demand gives you the capability to respond to incidents quickly because you are already prepared – giving you peace of mind that you can meet any compliance, industry standards or regulatory requirements.

Future proofed, easily upgradeable and adaptable to your changing security needs

SOC-on-Demand uses the same core technology platform as JUMPSEC’s feature rich SOC-as-a-Service and we are continuously evolving our threat hunting toolsets. While the threat landscape may change, if an incident occurs, you will always benefit from our experts using the most up to date technology. And if your risk profile changes, your security posture matures, or requirements change you can be rest assured that you can easily and seamlessly upgrade to SOC-as-Service without the need to change the technology platform.


Event logging and archiving

SOC-on-Demand uses JUMPSEC’s proprietary big data security event logging and searching platform. We automate collection of event log data from any system within your IT estate and aggregate it into a resilient and secure environment on premise or in cloud. If an incident occurs our team accesses these logs to perform on demand incident response.

Rapid on demand incident response

If a security breach occurs, our CREST certified cyber incident experts will be your first responders, taking quick action and conducting Malware analysis to isolate and mitigate any active threats posed to your organisation, striving to minimise any downtime and impact to you. We establish the key events and timelines leading up to the breach with the data available, the suspected nature and extent of the breach and recommendations outlining the next steps of a more detailed investigation should you require for compliance purposes.

Security breach deep dive analysis and post breach threat hunting

If your organisation requires further analysis and forensic evidence post breach, our CREST certified expert cyber incident responders are available to conduct a deeper analysis and perform threat hunting. They will establish whether malicious tools, codes or backdoors have been left by the attackers and will provide any information discovered to you for use in tracking and prosecuting perpetrators.

Continuous Expert Support

We love what we do, and we are just a phone call away. When you take our SOC-on-Demand service you receive continuous expert support backed by our rigorous processes, procedures and technology. Our security analysts are an extension of your IT team and you can contact us at any time for any security related questions.

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