Helping you defend against cyber threats by delivering the capabilities of an enterprise grade Security Operations Centre without your having to build it yourself.


JUMPSEC Security Operations Centre-as-a-Service combines industry leading monitoring and detection technology, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and our world-class cyber security experts to bring you cutting edge incident detection, analysis and specific actionable advice tailored to your organisation’s technology platform.

JUMPSEC is CREST SOC accredited, giving you the assurance that our SOC-as-a-Service maintains the highest standards.


JUMPSEC recommends SOC-as-a-Service to organisations that depend on technology for operations, efficiencies, growth or revenue generation and have decided that visibility of cyber attacks is important to the protection of their organisation’s revenue and or reputation. These organisations wish to protect themselves from the risk of impact from a cyber attack without having to invest in facilities, hardware, software and operational personnel to manage and maintain the systems.

JUMPSEC SOC-as-a-Service provides the highest levels of security and assurance with state of the art monitoring and incident detection, powerful analytics and expert advice without the need to build your own Security Operations Centre.

SOC-as-a-Service is also ideal for organisations that have deployed automated intrusion monitoring systems and have found that the skills sets required to interpret the huge amounts of data that these measures create is not available in house.


Reassurance from improved Security Posture

JUMPSEC SOC-as-a-Service helps you achieve an improved security posture with the benefits of a Security Operations Centre delivered as a service and tailored to your organisation’s systems and risk profile, giving you peace of mind that the technology monitoring and detecting any threats or vulnerabilities is in place and managed by our team of expert security analysts with the latest tools.

Reduced risk due to reduced time to detection and attackers time to compromise

Our experienced cyber security experts understand the hacker mindset, objectives and techniques. We continuously monitor and analyse data activity in order to provide relevant, timely detection of any security incidents, closing the gap between an organisation’s time to detect and an attacker’s time to compromise, thus reducing potential impact.

Cost effective state of the art Monitoring and Detection

JUMPSEC SOC-as-a-Service provides all the benefits of a Security Operations Centre without the need for investment in additional facilities, technology, or personnel so you get state of the art monitoring and detection managed by expert security analysts at an affordable cost.

Rapid deployment and seamless integration of technology and people

The service is preconfigured and easy to deploy. SOC-as-a-Service seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure allowing our cyber security experts to monitor and analyse your systems as an extension of your own IT team. What’s more our best of breed technology works ubiquitously, augmenting your existing infrastructure, so there is no need to change your hardware or software. Our team manages deployment remotely once you have installed the JSOC platform agents on your systems.


Expert Monitoring and Detection

Our expert cyber security analysts work as an extension of your IT team. Every day they analyse events in your logs from the perspective of potential aggressive attackers. As recognised experts in the field of offensive security we use our comprehensive understanding of the attacker mindset and our powerful in house proprietary JSOC platform to detect any anomalies. Furthermore we work with you to tailor SOC-as-a-Service to your organisation, eliminating your network’s normal behaviour and focusing on true threats or suspicious events.

Event Log Collecting and Archiving

We automate collection of event log data from any system within your IT estate and aggregate it into a resilient and secure environment on premise or in cloud. The logs are also archived for forensics on site or in secure offsite storage. Real Time Searchable Data and Big Data Analytics After log collection, the JSOC platform structures your data into a highly searchable format, delivering granular and powerful real time search capabilities tailored to your business security profile and enabling our cyber security experts to quickly analyse and sift through petabytes of data, identifying true and relevant security related events.

Human Contextualised Artificial Intelligence

The JSOC platform Artificial Intelligence (AI) generates automated alerts based on our knowledge of your company’s threat profile and business risks. Our expert security engineers complement our JSOC platform AI tools with proactive analysis to learn about your network behaviour and company context. This enables us to baseline your network and more accurately distinguish real threats from normal activity and spot anomalous behaviour that machines cannot decipher. Whenever our security experts observe any suspected abnormality in the data we contact you to verify the unusual activity. Through this contact we can ascertain whether whole or part of the suspected activity is legitimate or not and whether further investigation or alerting should take place.

Adaptive Learning Integrating Threat Intelligence

We work with you to continually adapt the service to changes in your IT estate and external threat landscape. Our team utilises cutting edge information from our global threat intelligence network and industry leading threat intelligence exchanges combined with behavioural analytics to identify and help protect you from new cyber attack vectors while our team continuously tune the service to your organisation’s activity and behaviour.

Alerting Protocols and Reporting

We contact you immediately in the instance of a category red event so that you can take appropriate action to contain the potential threat. We maintain a continuous dialogue with you to ensure that you can plan continuous improvements to your security footprint. In addition, our comprehensive monthly reports detail all events and their potential impacts giving you complete visibility.

Tailored Management Information Dashboards

We give you real time access and visibility of the security event monitoring dashboards that our security analysts use. We can tailor them to display relevant indicators of current threats and historical information to any audience within your organisation.

Integrated Managed Vulnerability Scanning

JUMPSEC SOC-as-a-Service also includes proactive, scheduled and expert identification of network and web vulnerabilities via industry-leading vulnerability scanning software and our team help you identify, manage and remediate vulnerabilities as they occur over time reducing risk to your organisation.

Active Incident Response

If a security breach occurs, our team of cyber security experts will be your first responders, taking quick action and conducting Malware analysis to isolate and mitigate any active threats posed to your organisation, striving to minimise any downtime and impact to you. We establish the key events and timelines leading up to the breach with the data available, the suspected nature and extent of the breach and recommendations outlining the next steps of a more detailed investigation should you require for compliance purposes.

Continuous Expert Support

We love what we do and we are just a phone call away. When you take our SOC-as-a-Service you receive continuous expert support backed by our rigorous processes, procedures and technology. Our security analysts are an extension of your IT team and you can contact us at any time for any security related questions.

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