Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Reduce risk from cyber threat by regularly identifying and managing vulnerabilities


JUMPSEC’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning uses industry-leading vulnerability scanning software to conduct scheduled vulnerability analysis and proactive identification of vulnerabilities in your IT estate such as your website, network, application or public facing servers. Combined with powerful vulnerability management tools, and our in-house expert Cyber Security team to help you manage and remediate these vulnerabilities over time.

JUMPSEC is CREST Vulnerability Assessment accredited, giving you the assurance that our Managed Vulnerability Scanning services maintain the highest standards.


While the common challenges faced may be the same, an organisation’s risk profile is made up of a variety of elements that will influence the desired level of security posture that can be achieved. Whether it is the size and complexity of your IT estate, your companies attitude to risk, the nature of your online presence, the amount of customer data you store or the impact a data breach might have on your business, these factors will influence your optimal level of security.

Because no two organisations are the same JUMPSEC has created three Managed Vulnerability Scanning services so that you can choose a service that meets your needs.


Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service Selector helps you work out what might be the best Managed Vulnerability Scanning service for your organisation.

Use the sliders to select the Managed Vulnerability Scanning service that is right for you and compare and contrast the features.

You can arrange a callback from our team who will be happy to talk through your options and work out the best service for your organisation.

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Managed Vulnerability
Scanning Feature

From £1,499 per annum
From £2,999 per annum
POAPrice on application

External Daily Scanning (IP addresses or URLS)External Daily Scan

1 – 49 IP addresses / URLs

1 – 49 IP addresses / URLs

50+ IP addresses / URLs

Continuously updated threat intelligence in the scanning toolsThreat intelligence

Monthly Vulnerability ReportsVulnerability Reports

Pro-active alertsAlerts

Portal view of Vulnerability Scan ReportsPortal Reports

Portal Access to Vulnerability Management ToolsPortal Access

Portal view of External Risk LandscapeRisk Landscape

Expert Vulnerability Report Analysis by JUMPSEC teamExpert Analysis

Expert support for alerts by JUMPSEC teamExpert support

Exploitable Vulnerabilities IdentificationVulnerabilities ID

Continuous expert support from JUMPSEC teamContinuous support

Internal Monthly Scanning (IP addresses or URLS)Internal Scanning

Portal view of Internal Risk LandscapeRisk Landscape


Annual Penetration TestPenetration Test

Optional at preferential day rate

Optional at preferential day rate

Optional at preferential day rate


JUMPSEC recommends Managed Vulnerability Scanning for any organisation with public facing servers or websites and organisations with large internal networks where devices attached are continuously changing. Managed Vulnerability Scanning increases visibility and management of discovered vulnerabilities and helps reduce risk to organisations on a continuous basis.

While Penetration Testing allows an organisation to develop a more secure environment, through addressing structural issues in its IT estate, its limitation is that it is at a single point in time. Because vulnerabilities are continually emerging, it is equally important to implement a programme of constant vigilance and remediation, and therefore organisations should take Managed Vulnerability Scanning as the first step in their cyber security defence strategy. It is a complimentary service to Penetration Testing that enables management of your vulnerabilities via a continued high level of security, threat assessment and management, reducing risk to your organisation as new threats and vulnerabilities occur over time.


Peace of mind through mitigation of risk

Managed Vulnerability Scanning helps you mitigate the risk of cyber threats by identification and classification of vulnerabilities. Our experts monitor the scan results daily and will alert you to critical and high issues immediately.

Gives visibility and helps you plan remediation activities

Because Managed Vulnerability Scanning is a continuous security assessment with categorised risks it enables you to plan and manage remediation activities for these vulnerabilities more easily.

Saves you valuable time with our expert analysis

In our Enhanced and Advanced services, our expert analysts know your network and we know cyber threats, so we give you a deeper level of understanding of vulnerabilities over and above an automated scan and we alert you to any critical and high issues. We provide fact identification of vulnerabilities and filter false positives further saving you time and effort.

Saves you money with relatively low investment

Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning service gives you the benefit of a higher level of security without the cost of investment in infrastructure or people to run the service in house. And if you remediate your vulnerabilities as they occur your Penetration Testing costs are likely to decrease.

What makes up managed vulnerability scanning?

Scheduled Vulnerability Scanning

Our in-house expert team of ethical hackers, security analysts and engineers use a combination of industry leading vulnerability scanning tools to run scheduled scans to give you regular detailed information of threats to your organisation. External scans run daily and if Advanced Managed Vulnerability Scanning is selected, internal scans run monthly.

Monthly Vulnerability Reports

Our team provides you with a monthly report that gives accurate vulnerability intelligence, trending and analysis with categorisation according to relative threat level (Critical, High, Medium, Low) and industry standard CVSS (Common Vulnerabilities Scoring System) if appropriate, so you have visibility of threats that you can understand and prioritise what you need to do to fix them.

Proactive Vulnerability Alerts

You don’t have to wait for your monthly report to find out if there is a new Critical or High vulnerability. We continuously update our threat intelligence and because we know your infrastructure, we will alert you to Critical and High vulnerabilities when they appear. By alerting you to these issues as they occur, we help close the gap between time to detection and time to compromise. This further helps reduce your risk of exposure and gives you peace of mind.

Expert Vulnerability Report Analysis & Support

Our security experts analyse your findings so that the risks to your organisation are properly highlighted to you, so you can understand the threat and quantify your level of exposure.

Vulnerability Dashboard & Vulnerability Management Tools

Our Enhanced and Advanced Managed Vulnerability Scanning services include a dashboard view of your vulnerabilities and powerful vulnerability management tools delivered via our Managed Vulnerability Scanning customer portal. Features include a continuous view your risk landscape, on demand reports, assignment of criticality to assets and ability to monitor when hosts go on and offline.



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Managed Vulnerability Scanning Portal Tools demonstration

Click to watch a short demonstration of the Managed Vulnerability Scanning tools in action.

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