Managed Security Services

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing our experts are always watching over your IT Systems.

Managed Security Services

JUMPSEC offers a wide range of cyber security services which provide continuous system surveillance. Our security solutions continually scan your organisation’s infrastructure for potential threats or weaknesses and immediately alert you to any abnormalities. Our team of experts will help you find the right Managed Security Service for your organisation; there are products to suit organisations and risk appetites of all sizes, from round-the-clock automated scanning to having JUMPSEC security analysts continually threat-hunting on your behalf.

Managed Security Services

Threat intelligence service

JUMPSEC’s Threat Intelligence Service transforms data into actionable intelligence. Our expert ethical hackers extract data relating to your organisation from open sources and the deepest corners of the web, and use it to paint a multi-dimensional profile of likely attackers, ensuring your security strategy is well-informed.

Jumpsec Cyber Incident Response service representative

Managed Security Services

Cyber Incident Response

JUMPSEC’s Cyber Incident Response is an emergency service; available 24/7, 365 days a year. As soon as a serious breach or threat is reported, we mobilise our CREST Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) Accredited team to quickly identify, contain and manage the incident.

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Managed Security Services

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

JUMPSEC’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning uses industry-leading software to conduct scheduled analysis of your IT estate, for example, your website network, application or public facing servers, and proactively identifies any vulnerabilities, which our expert team will then help you to remediate.

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Managed Security Services


JUMPSEC Security Operations Centre-as-a-Service draws upon innovative monitoring and detection technology, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and our expert engineers to deliver cutting-edge incident detection and actionable solutions, all tailored to your organisation.

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Managed Security Services


JUMPSEC’s unique Security Operations Centre-on-Demand embeds our Security Operations Centre technology in the key assets within your business and continuously and discretely collects and stores key system events logs, allowing us to immediately respond to a security breach




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Learn more from our customers about the benefits of JUMPSEC Managed Security Services.

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Work with JUMPSEC to protect their 1900 shops and HQ with fully managed SIEM & Security Operations Centre and Assessment services.

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Work in partnership with JUMPSEC providing fully managed cyber security assessment services.

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Corestream – protecting their technology solutions with JUMPSEC Managed Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing Services.

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QIC Global

QIC Global Insurance Services: Use JUMPSEC to defend their cyber security posture.


JUMPSEC’s services are underpinned by recognised standards, industry bodies and collaborative projects. JUMPSEC is CREST, CHECK and NCSC accredited. LEARN MORE

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