Security Architecture Services

Building and maintaining sound Security Architecture that meets your organisational needs.

Security Architecture Services

Building and maintaining effective security architectures is key to a successful information security programme and we know that security must be balanced against the requirements of your users and budgetary constraints. JUMPSEC consultants combine technical and security skills with business analysis and communication skills to work closely with you to understand your priorities, and deliver a secure architecture that meets your business’ needs.

Who needs Security Architecture Services?

As ambitious businesses embrace cloud technologies, enterprise architectures become more complex and so security strategies must evolve both to meet today’s regulatory and compliance requirements and to anticipate tomorrow’s threats. JUMPSEC consultants work collaboratively with you to understand your business and your IT estate, as well as the legal and regulatory environment you operate within. JUMPSEC consultants are experts in national and international security standards and frameworks, as well as industry regulation, such as PCI-DSS and ISO 27001.

What are the benefits of Security Architecture Services?

A robust structure

JUMPSEC’s Security Architecture services help your business to design secure systems and infrastructure. Our consultants help you to build in security by design and by default and use the principle of defence in depth to make system compromise and disruption difficult, to limit the impact in the event of compromise and to make detecting compromise easy.

Expert consultants

JUMPSEC combines a risk-based approach, industry standards and reference architectures, and our understanding of your business to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of your business both now and in the future. JUMPSEC consultants are well versed in cloud technologies, agile methodologies and blending internal capabilities with third-party providers, all of which helps us to design approaches that are tailored to your business.

What makes up JUMPSEC Security Architecture Services?

JUMPSEC Security Architecture services include:

  • Independent validation and review of proposed and/or existing security architectures
  • Designing security architectures that mitigate identified risks, integrating with your existing security programmes and technology stack
  • Chairing or participating in your Technical Design Authority (TDA) or Architecture Review Board (ARB) meetings, providing independent insight
  • Assisting with purchasing and implementing security technologies that meet your business’ requirements
  • Advising technical leaders on industry best practice when making strategic decisions
  • Designing and building roadmaps for implementing the processes and technologies that underpin effective security architectures
  • Providing and implementing managed SOC and SIEM solutions
  • Architecting high-level network and application designs.
  • JUMPSEC clients can benefit by adding additional services from across our entire services portfolio.

Continuous Expert Support

We love what we do and we are just a phone call away. When you take our Cyber Security Strategy consultation, you receive continuous expert support backed by rigorous processes and procedures. You can contact us at any time for any security related questions.



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