Cyber Security Strategy

Building a unique Security Strategy for your organisation.

Cyber security strategy

Build your security systems on solid foundations with JUMPSEC’s Cyber Security Strategy. By developing an in depth understanding of your existing security, your organisation and industry, our experts work with you to produce a solid Cyber Security Strategy as unique and effective as your business.

Who needs Cyber security strategy?

All organisations, no matter their size or industry, face an evolving cyber threat. To effectively counter that threat, companies must take an integrated approach to cyber security, tailored to their unique risk profile, culture, technologies and the industries they operate across. Simply putting in place technical controls is not enough to secure your business against cyber security threats – with cyber criminals increasingly exploiting your staff’s willingness to help, people and technology must work together.

What are the benefits of Cyber security strategy?

A robust Cyber Security Strategy ensures that your business takes a coordinated approach to security across personnel, technical security, information assurance and physical security.

Understanding your Needs

We start by mapping out the landscape in which your organisation operates. Understanding regulations your business is subject to, your business culture and risk appetite helps us to design and deliver a strategy your business can take and run with. Next, carrying out a cyber security assessment will give us a comprehensive understanding of your approach to risk, the technologies you use and your organisation’s existing cyber security. Identifying high-value information and assets, as well as key risks within your business helps us to understand where we should focus and the appropriate level of protection for the information assets we identify.

JUMPSEC will work with teams and management across your business to identify critical issues and develop responsive cyber security plans to address them. Effective planning and implementation of controls and governance ensures that risks and concerns are responded to promptly and that new and emerging threats are preempted.

Effective Communication of Findings

JUMPSEC’s Cyber Security Strategy consulting supports your organisation’s key players by providing actionable insight and security information. We help your board to understand the cyber security threats the business faces, levels of security maturity and compliance, and help them to ask the right questions. A board that understands cyber security is a board ready to face a cyber incident.

A comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy means your business can develop targeted cyber security programmes; these security programmes take a holistic approach to improving your business’ cyber security maturity, addressing regulatory requirements, changing legislation and the cyber security threat your business faces.

What makes up JUMPSEC Cyber security strategy?

JUMPSEC can support your business in:

  • Understanding its security maturity through bespoke and standards-led assessments
  • Targeting cyber security investment to provide the greatest return on investment
  • Briefing your board and/or C-suite
  • Understanding new and emerging threats
  • Meeting regulatory, legislative and compliance requirements
  • Building a positive cyber security culture
  • Developing cyber security plans, roadmaps and programmes
  • Developing and implementing cyber governance programmes
  • Identifying appropriate security technologies and solutions
  • Implementing comprehensive cyber security solutions
  • Supporting your internal teams and providers in implementing cyber security improvements
  • Developing and testing comprehensive incident response plans
  • Responding to cyber security incidents

Continuous Expert Support

We love what we do and we are just a phone call away. When you take our Cyber Security Strategy consultation, you receive continuous expert support backed by rigorous processes and procedures. You can contact us at any time for any security related questions.



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