Cyber Risk Audit and Review

Independent risk based audits

Cyber Risk Audit and Review

JUMPSEC’s Cyber Risk Audit and Review service assists clients by providing independent risk-based audits of their cyber security policies and their implementation. A cyber security audit provides a comprehensive review and analysis of your organisation’s security governance and cyber controls.

A JUMPSEC Cyber Risk Audit will enable your organisation to better understand the threats, vulnerabilities and risks your organisation faces; high-risk activities your organisation is carrying out; and weaknesses in your cyber security defences.

Who needs Cyber Risk Audit and Review?

Cyber security risks are constantly evolving, but cyber security strategies and programmes can be slow to catch up. JUMPSEC will review your cyber security strategy and identify opportunities for improvement. Understanding what your organisation is doing well and where improvements should be made can provide your organisation with clarity, focus and direction.

JUMPSEC’s Cyber Risk Audit uncovers potential risks to your organisation’s operations, information systems and assets. JUMPSEC starts by mapping out the landscape in which your organisation operates; understanding how your organisation operates and where any vulnerabilities might be found helps us to direct and deliver a comprehensive Risk Audit.

Organisations with a limited understanding of their cyber risks, including the vulnerabilities in their information systems and their exposure to cyber threats, can benefit greatly from a Cyber Risk Audit, which can provide the foundation for your organisation’s cyber strategy and cyber programmes, highlighting your highest-priority risks, offering a means of prioritisation and giving your cyber security efforts direction and setting a baseline from which to improve.

What are the benefits of Cyber Risk Audit and Review?

Our audit reports go further, not just detailing the risks your organisation faces, but also helping your organisation to move along the maturity scale with actionable advice, and short- and longer-term solutions, all based on your unique technology profile.

The JUMPSEC Cyber Risk Audit and Review service includes a technical vulnerability assessment, which identifies configuration issues and cyber risks within your network. Combining a desktop audit with a technical vulnerability assessment ensures that your organisation has a comprehensive view of the governance and controls in place, as well as demonstrable evidence of the effectiveness of their implementation.

Our Cyber Security Specialists understand the complexities of protecting your organisation’s information. They are experienced in providing a comprehensive analysis of organisations’ security posture and maturity. JUMPSEC’s consultants are experienced in auditing against the HMG Security Policy Framework, Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.

What makes up JUMPSEC Cyber Risk Audit and Review?

The JUMPSEC Cyber Risk Audit and Review service can:

  • Verify that processes are compliant with the requirements of your cyber security policies and procedures
  • Provide a third-party audit of your organisation’s compliance against recognised standards and frameworks
  • Offer an impartial assessment of your organisation’s security compliance, as well as how risk is managed across the business and/or in individual business units
  • Assess and help to develop internal audit capabilities, plans and programmes
  • Offer advice and recommendations on how to improve your business’ security posture and maturity

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