Physical Penetration Testing

Improve your organisations security posture with comprehensive Physical Penetration Testing from JUMPSEC’s world class Penetration Testing Team.

Physical penetration testing

JUMPSEC’s Physical Penetration Testing service is performed by our team of specialist physical penetration operatives and is followed up with comprehensive reports in order to drive awareness and education within your organisation reducing the risk of physical compromise.

Each engagement is crafted to your specific organisation and needs.

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Who needs physical penetration testing?

Physical Penetration testing is suitable for any organisation who wishes to understand the physical vulnerabilities it has, and whether these can be exploited thereby breaching security and putting the organisation at risk.

Physical Penetration Testing can be used to establish your baseline security position and then help to inform a relevant road map to balance your risk appetite with your desired level of security. It can also be used as part of an ongoing structured program of security assurance, in combination with a Social Engineering Assessment to ensure an appropriate level of resilience.

Why JUMPSEC Physical Penetration Testing?

Management of risk though visibility of vulnerabilities
Physical Penetration Tests provide you with a clear point in time view of any physical security flaws, issues or exploitable vulnerabilities you have, so you know what risks you are exposed to and can decide what action to take.

Strengthen your security posture with practical plans and knowledge transfer
Our detailed reports provide you with evidential support and recommendations on how to resolve any physical security issues according to their severity and potential impact to your organisation, so you can decide on how to harden your position based on your appetite to risk.

Peace of mind that multiple attack vectors are covered
Potential attackers are sophisticated and can use a variety of techniques to infiltrate and gain access to an organisation. A physical breach can help adversaries circumvent your network controls and gain access to your systems behind your firewall, putting valuable data, assets and potentially personnel at risk. Our service is tailored to your organisation, its appetite for risk and is security posture. The scenarios we design are simulated real world attacks based on real reconnaissance therefore they are realistic, relevant and comprehensive.

Decreased risk of compromise through demonstration, awareness and training
Our Penetration Testing identifies areas of weakness and areas where specific improvements can be made. By combining the results of our simulated attacks with security awareness training we help you understand your exposure to a number of typical attacks and address their deficiencies. We can help you design security awareness workshops based on the results obtained to ensure transfer of knowledge and help employees understand these risks, improve their security awareness, and reduce the likelihood of successful compromise across an organisation from a people, process or physical point of view.

Improved defence against cyber-threats when combined with Advanced Simulated Attack (Red Teaming)
Our Advanced Simulated Attack utilises Physical Penetration Testing along with Social Engineering for a wider security assessment. By assessing your organisations susceptibility to persistent multi vector threat actors and providing detailed reports and practical recommendations you can dramatically improve your defence against cyber threat. Improvements can be demonstrated by tuning the timings and intensity of testing, feedback and training to your organisational exposure and baseline staff awareness.

What makes up JUMPSEC Physical Penetration Testing?

Specialist Physical Penetration Operatives

JUMPSEC’s Physical Penetration Testing is performed by our team of specialist physical penetration operatives who are skilled with reconnaissance experience and breach of physical targets.

When performed as part of a wider Advanced Simulated Attack (Red Teaming) it is supported by our in-house, expert Certified ethical hackers and cyber security analysts who simulate real world cyber-attacks, using industry-leading techniques.

Open Source and Covert Intelligence Gathering

We commence with an open source reconnaissance exercise designed to identify and collect as much public information as possible about your organisation to ascertain attack vectors that are most likely to put you at risk. This includes onsite covert observation to to discover car parks, entry processes, exits, smoking areas and searches of both online and offline public information, including premises, planning, building control, service contracts, employees, contractors, partners, customers and third parties.

Attack Scenario Design

We will create a number of attack scenarios based on our reconnaissance. These will be designed to expose any identified security issues of flaws within your organisation’s physical security, including processes, people and infrastructure:

Attack vectors may include:

– Tailgating and Personnel Awareness
– Unfettered Access
– Impersonate and Mislead
– Distract and Deflect
– Site Environmental Exploitation
– Incidental Opportunism

Controlled Planned Attacks

We will execute carefully designed and planned Physical Penetration attacks on your organisation to test its level of security and awareness in a safe and controlled way so as not to cause any disruption to your day to day activity. When conducted as part of an Advanced Simulated Attack we will include, physical extraction of data or compromise of IT infrastructure.

Comprehensive Reporting and Practical Recommendations

After all attack scenarios have been completed, we will determine your risk profile and provide you with a comprehensive report. The report covers the level of risk posed by any flaws identified as well as the likelihood of exploitation of that attack vector and its potential impact. We include evidential support and practical recommendations to help your organisation improve its physical security

Security Awareness Workshops

In addition to your report we can assist you with the design and delivery of security awareness workshops implemented by your organisation, based on our findings and observations, which will help keep them relevant and engaging.

Continuous Expert Support

We love what we do and we are just a phone call away. When you take our Penetration Testing services you receive continuous expert support backed by rigorous processes and procedures. You can contact us at any time for any security related questions.

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