To protect your organisation against cyber threats successfully, it’s
critical to begin by identifying where its security weaknesses lie.

Assurance Services

JUMPSEC is a leader in the provision of Penetration Testing and we offer a comprehensive range of testing and assurance services that progressively help you to measure risk, reduce your exposure and advise on how to best secure your assets.

All of JUMPSEC’s Assurance services are performed and supported by our in-house team of CREST certified expert ethical hackers and cyber security analysts, who understand the hacker mindset, objectives, strategies and techniques.

Assurance Services

Penetration Testing

JUMPSEC’s Penetration Testing service is performed by our team of in house, expert, CREST Certified ethical hackers and cyber security analysts who simulate real world attacks, using industry-leading techniques.

Assurance Services

Social Engineering

JUMPSEC’s Social Engineering Assessment is designed to deliver realistic and targeted attacks, performed in a safe way by our team of in house, expert, ethical hackers and cyber red team specialists, followed up with comprehensive reports and assistance with training in order to drive awareness and education within your organisation reducing your risk of compromise.

Assurance Services

Red Teaming

JUMPSEC’s Red Teaming service is a bespoke targeted multi vector attack on your organisation’s live environment. Designed to identify holistic vulnerabilities that real world attackers would leverage, the service provides you with the information you need to improve your cyber resilience.


JUMPSEC’s services are underpinned by recognised standards, industry bodies and collaborative projects.

JUMPSEC is a CREST accredited company for Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Intelligence led Penetration Testing, Cyber Incident Response and Security Operation Centre (SOC) services. LEARN MORE

JUMPSEC also holds CREST accreditation as an ASSURE cyber supplier, an accreditations scheme created by the Civil Aviation Authority. Public Sector Organisations can obtain JUMPSEC services through the Crown Commercial Supplier agreements. JUMPSEC holds ISO 9001 certification for maintaining high standards of formal quality management and is also ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management. LEARN MORE

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