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Latest Insights:

Cyber Security Trends and Predictions 2021

2021 Cyber Security Predictions

What a year 2020 has been. As we look ahead to 2021, we have been discussing our thoughts on what might lie ahead for the cyber security world.  Ransomware & Insider Threats Ransomware will continue to be a significant threat throughout 2021. We will see increased targeting of larger organisations.  As well as more creativity […]

Win a place @HackFu 2021 Community Edition!

At JUMPSEC we’ve managed to get our hands on tickets to what is probably the greatest cyber security event in the calendar, HackFu!In order to be in with a chance of winning you simply need to complete the following challenge which you can download here (the download contains all the information needed to complete the […]

Green and Terracotta Pop of Element Insights to Workdays Static LinkedIn Post

How organisations can counter Insider Threats

What is an Insider Threat? Have you ever considered what the people you trust are doing with their access to your systems, networks and data? You might have considered your top salesperson walking out of the door with their little black book, but the insider threat goes far beyond this. Insider threat can stem from […]

offensive security OSWE

Examination success for our Red Team

Congratulations to Lenk from our Red Team. Lenk has passed the Offensive Security AWAE exam last week and earned the OSWE certification. Demonstrating Lenk is an Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE). Lenk has put in many hours of hard work of study to complete the course and pass the OSWE exam. Demonstrating mastery in exploiting front-facing web […]

JUMPSEC vulnerability alert IVANTI end point manager

News Alert: Multiple Vulnerabilities Affecting (LANDesk) Ivanti Endpoint Manager Software

JUMPSEC researchers have discovered a series of vulnerabilities in (LANDesk) Ivanti Endpoint Manager, a centralized software solution for administering and monitoring multiple devices in a computer system.  Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to disrupt the functionality of the software e.g. prevent patching leaving endpoints exposed, or move laterally in order to […]

JUMPSEC explains what CAPTCHA is and what it is for

Jargon Buster What is CAPTCHA

Courtney explains CAPTCHA Everyone is familiar with the CAPTCHA function on websites – but what is it for? JUMPSEC’s Courtney Cole explains in our latest episode of Jargon Busters – helping you navigate Cyber Security Jargon. Video Transcript: “Everyone knows and has seen CAPTCHAs, but what are they really for? CAPTCHAs are implemented in websites […]

JUMPSEC explains what Credential Stuffing is

Jargon Buster – What is Credential Stuffing?

Thom explains credential stuffing. Thom from our technical team gives an explanation of what credential stuffing is. Video transcript: When professionals mention credential stuffing attacks, what they are usually referring to is the process of brute-forcing username-password pairs into applications in order to get a valid login. For an attacker, this process can be automated […]

JUMPSEC explains Zero Trust Networks

Jargon Buster What is a Zero Trust Network

Thom explains Zero Trust Networks Who should you be trusting? JUMPSEC cyber security expert Thom explains what is meant by the term “Zero Trust Network” in this edition of JUMPSEC’s Jargon Buster Series – helping you navigate Cyber Security Terminology. “On typical networks, all users who are able to access the network – either by […]