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Case Study

The AA

AA – Protecting the AA with a partnership approach. JUMPSEC Supports their Information Security team.

Press Release

Covid-19 Support Hub

How JUMPSEC has responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic to keep our customers and employees safe.


Recognise Phishing Scams

Cyber criminals have been focusing all their efforts on scams that capitalise on the panic of COVID-19.


Exam success for Red Team

Tom Ellison and Howard Ching celebrate success with two more qualifications


Working from Home

Cyber Security Checks for working from home

Case Study


How Corestream gained timely visibility of vulnerabilities with Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Jargon Buster

File inclusion vulnerability

Thom From our technical team discusses – What is File Inclusion Vulnerability?

Press Release

Managed End Point Security

JUMPSEC Launch Managed Endpoint Security for organisations who require safe remote working.