Cyber Advisory Services

Design and implement an effective security operating model that balances the risk profile of your organisation with your cyber security requirements.


JUMPSEC provide a range of advisory services designed to highlight and overcome strategic and operational issues which can impair an organisation’s security operating model, preventing it from functioning effectively and having the desired reduction in cyber risk exposure.

An effective cyber security operating model comprises a multitude of overlapping capabilities and controls. Controls in a cybersecurity context are not limited to purely technical, system-level controls, and can be understood as any aspect of the security operating model, including:

  • Business controls such as governance (high-level policy, procedure and best practice) and compliance (frameworks and standards).
  • Operational controls including policy, process, procedure, products, people, and third-party services.

In addition, a typical security function within an organisation spans a variety of distinct capabilities, which collectively enable a secure organisation to identify, protect against, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber attack.

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Once implemented, an organisation's controls and capabilities must be continually tuned and regularly tested to ensure that they remain effective in terms of managing and reducing cyber risk.

JUMPSEC can support organisations with all aspects of cyber security strategy, risk management, and security operations. Example services include are described below; these activities are not mutually exclusive and are routinely combined by JUMPSEC when delivering comprehensive security development and transformation projects.






Building and maintaining an effective security operating model is a complex task, with a multitude of overlapping controls and capabilities to tune and optimise, as well as a number of dependencies and requirements to navigate.

Organisations at the outset of their journey to security maturity can struggle to find their way through these requirements, due to both limited capacity and the absence of key capabilities in their internal team. Even organisations with large security teams and generous budgets can struggle to unify the multitude of teams and capabilities together into a cohesive security function.

JUMPSEC's experience of supporting a range of client organisations with all aspects of their security operations - across offensive, defensive, and strategic disciplines - means we are well placed to support organisations in their security strategy and transformation initiatives.

While many strategy-oriented consultancies will provide audit-centric solutions based on a myriad of frameworks and standards, JUMPSEC can provide superior insight into what comprises an operationally effective security operating model. Our experience of offensive consultancy services, combined with the experience of building and running a Managed Security Operations Centre service, gives us first-hand experience of what works, and what doesn't. This enables JUMPSEC to move beyond compliance, advising organisations on how to configure their security operations to deliver the outcomes they need.


  • Avoid common pitfalls

    By leveraging JUMPSEC’s accumulated experience and knowledge across offensive, defensive, and strategic security disciplines.

  • Optimise security investment

    By aligning security requirements with your risk profile to ensure that security controls are appropriate for your business needs.

  • Confident Business Security

    Increase Confidence in the Security of your business to build the trust of your internal stakeholders and external authorities, customers, and partners alike.

  • Effective Security operating model

    Implementing and leveraging best practices without being constrained by arbitrary compliance requirements which are not relevant to your business.

  • Drive sustainable development over time

    With short, medium and long-term recommendations to deliver prioritised improvements to your security posture.

  • Benefit from scalable support

    Leveraging JUMPSEC’s security experts to support all aspects of your security operating model development, as and when required.

Discuss your cyber challenges?


Yes, JUMPSEC can deliver assessments aligned with industry-recognised frameworks such as:

  • The NIST Cyber Security Framework
  • ISO 27001 and the ISO 27000 Series
  • The CIS Top 20 Controls
  • SOC I / SOC II
  • IT Health Check

Unless certification with a specific standard is required for compliance reasons, JUMPSEC recommends a broader assessment approach using a range of best practices, tailored to be relevant to your business and technology requirements. Even where specific compliance needs must be met, a blended approach can provide a more effective foundation from which specific compliance needs can be more easily met.

JUMPSEC perform a staged Discovery and Gap Analysis exercise to ascertain an organisation’s current maturity level from which improvement recommendations can be made. The assessment is conducted through a documentation review and a series of interviews with senior stakeholders, key IT, data protection and security staff, the HR or Legal team (where relevant), and representatives from any managed service provider(s).

The exercise is delivered across four phases:

  • Kick-off – Hold initial meetings with key stakeholders to set expectations and agree to engagement rules, sharing valuable information about the organisational structure from which interviews and workshops can be scheduled.
  • Discovery – Assess the regulatory, legal and compliance environment that the organisation operates within.
  • Assessment - Conduct a series of interviews with key stakeholders. These sessions focus on policies, procedures, controls, infrastructure, architecture and key indicators of good cyber security hygiene, drawn from a range of appropriate industry-accredited standards and regulations including GDPR, ISO 27001 and the NIST Cyber Security Framework. JUMPSEC will also review documentation to identify acceptable practices that the client has already put in place and uncover less mature areas and gaps.
  • Reporting - Comprehensively detail the team’s findings, identifying both short term ‘quick wins’, as well as medium- and long-term activities which should be pursued, enabling sustained improvements over time, guiding the client to a level of security maturity that is appropriate for its business requirements.
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