Bid Writer / Manager

Are you interested in a career in cyber security without necessarily having a technical background?

Are you tired of working in an unproductive team and following inefficient processes? 

Are you motivated by the chance to drive opportunities and be responsible for your own success?

Have you got a maximum of 1-2 years’ experience working in a bid or commercial pursuit team? 

If yes to all of these questions, a career with JUMPSEC could be perfect for you

Despite its relatively young age, the cyber security industry has already picked up its fair share of commodified services and old school attitudes – doing things a certain way because that’s the way it is

At JUMPSEC, we don’t think that our clients should be constrained to what has gone before. We want to help them to find novel and forward-thinking ways of meeting their cyber security needs in the face of a continuously evolving and growing cyber threat. To do this, we work hard to understand our clients and the challenges they face to create tailored solutions and avoid generic, off-the-shelf products and services.

This means that no two commercial opportunities are the same, and that proposals must be carefully constructed and positioned to ensure commercial and delivery success. To help to convey the advantages of our approaches to the market, JUMPSEC needs articulate and compelling communicators (talking and writing, but especially writing) to work with its inspiring consultants and ambitious sales team to design and deliver next-level cyber security solutions. 

The successful candidate doesn’t need a specific technical computing or cyber security degree, but an impressive academic background is desirable. We like academics in bidding because being able to understand, research, and logically assemble concepts and arguments is a key functional skill. Academics are also more likely to be able to write to a good standard. But if you think this role is right for you and can demonstrate these competencies in other ways, that’s cool too. 

Joining JUMPSEC is a fantastic opportunity to establish yourself and gain genuine expertise in an industry sector which is ever more important for both businesses and society at large. In terms of career progression, we also acknowledge that the most successful Bid Managers won’t be Bid Managers forever. We know that developing a solid understanding of the mechanics of how to build and deliver cyber security solutions, and unpicking the key concepts that underpin them, can lead to a range of career moves into operations, sales, delivery, marketing, and even becoming a consultant yourself. 

So – we are calling out to bid and solution innovators with some experience (but not too much – we don’t want you to have picked up too many bad habits) who are tired of the mediocrity of their stagnant industry sector and outdated ways of working. If you’re discontent with your lot, itching to do more, and want to help solve cyber security challenges for a host of big-name brands that you’ve definitely heard of, drop us a message.   

The role comes with up to £38,000 p/a starting salary depending on experience (with some flexibility), with flexible location (although we will sometimes want to see you in the office in Acton, London), 23 days holiday, and a stack of benefits including company away days and a subsidised cafe. 

Apply on LinkedIn or send your CV and Cover Letter to [email protected].

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