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Jargon Buster What is CAPTCHA

JUMPSEC explains what CAPTCHA is and what it is for

Courtney explains CAPTCHA

Everyone is familiar with the CAPTCHA function on websites – but what is it for? JUMPSEC’s Courtney Cole explains in our latest episode of Jargon Busters – helping you navigate Cyber Security Jargon.

Video Transcript:

“Everyone knows and has seen CAPTCHAs, but what are they really for? CAPTCHAs are implemented in websites and applications to prevent brute-force, automated attacks. A typical use of CAPTCHAs for example is to check that a user who has entered their password wrong 4-5 times is in fact a person, and not a bot designed by an attacker to
brute-force people’s credentials. CAPTCHAs can be annoying, but they play a vital role in ensuring that automated attacks are harder to conduct against applications.”