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Jargon Buster Vulnerability Scans vs Managed Vulnerability Scanning

What is a vulnerability scan & why is managed vulnerability scanning different

Courtney explains Vulnerability Scans & why Managed Vulnerability Scanning is different

JUMPSEC’s Courtney Cole explains the difference between a Vulnerability Scan and Managed Vulnerability Scanning in this episode of our Jargon Buster series – helping you to navigate Cyber Security Terminology.

Video transcript:

“A vulnerability scan is performed by a vulnerability scanning tool to provide a list of vulnerabilities found in an organisations infrastructure. This list of vulnerabilities can then be remediated or, simply put, fixed. Managed Vulnerability Scanning utilizes vulnerability scanning tools but this is coupled with expert cyber security analysis and powerful vulnerability management tools to give organisations continuous visibility of any vulnerability via alert and report, categorised by risk, to enable planning of remediation activities. Managed Vulnerability Scanning can be considered to be the first step towards a cyber security defence strategy”