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Jargon Buster Revisted – Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service

This week we take a look at our most popular Jargon Buster’s from the last 6 months

“What is Denial of Service came in at the top spot” and “What is Distributed Denial of Service at number 3. So, we have combined the two together, just in case anyone missed either of them. Check out Thom’s explanations below.

what is denial of service
what is distributed denial of service jargon buster - thom

Video transcript:

“A denial of service occurs when legitimate users are denied access to computer services (or resources). It is usually by overloading the service with requests or turning it off”

“A distributed denial of service is a form of cyber attack that aims to make a service such as a website unusable by flooding it with malicious traffic or data from multiple sources – these sources are often botnets.”