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Jargon Buster What are Rainbow Tables

What are rainbow tables?

William explains what Rainbow tables are

This week William from JUMPSEC’s expert penetration testing team talks about Rainbow Tables; what they are and how they are used in password cracking.

Video transcript:

“You may have heard the term rainbow tables come up in the context of password cracking. It is one of the techniques use to recover plain text passwords from encrypted or hash passwords. Rainbow tables are look-up tables generated with as many pre-computed hashes as possible. Traditional brute force password hacking takes a considerable amount of processing power whereas rainbow tables require a lot less processing power since it is just looking up the hashes in the pre-existing precomputed rainbow table. This does however have a downside, requiring a large amount of disk space in what is effectively time/space trade off. Both methods can be effective at retrieving passwords in different circumstances”