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What does SOC stand for

What does SOC stand for

Just a few days ago we announced our SOC accreditation from CREST. But what does SOC stand for? What is a SOC?

This week in our Jargon Buster series Courtney Cole talks about what a SOC is and what are the different ways that it can be delivered to an organisation to help them guard against cyber attack.

Learn more about SOC-as-Service here. And to find out more about SOC-on-Demand click here.

Video transcript:

“SOC stands for security operation centre; a SOC is a centralised unit that deals with security issues on an organisational and technical level. A SOC within a building or facility is a central location from where staff supervise the site using data processing technology. Organisations can choose to build a SOC for themselves (this comprises of building, infrastructure, hardware, software and people) or they may choose an alternative solution such as outsourcing, where building infrastructure, hardware, software, and dedicated people are provided by a specialist supplier. Other options include: SOC as a service, where the capability of SOC are provided by a specialist company virtually, or SOC on demand where the capabilities are enabled reactively when an incident occurs.”