Jargon Buster

Launch of Jargon Buster series

jumpsec what is CREST explainer video

Jargon Buster Series: What is Crest

Today we proudly launch a new series of video shorts where we discuss and explain a variety of industry terms, acronyms and jargon which we hope will help non security experts to learn more about cyber security.

We start the series with a brief explanation of CREST and its role and benefits within the cyber security industry

Video transcript:

“CREST is the not-for-profit industry government body set up to regulate and drive progress for both its members and the buying community in the technical information security industry. It strives to provide a framework for what goods should look like in our industry. CREST is a key differentiator for anyone serious about either working in our industry or procuring assurance services should look for. CREST provide company regulation as well as individual certification in many different areas including penetration testing, cyber incident response, provision of threat intelligence, SOC and security monitoring. CREST have also teamed up with industry bodies representing banking, telecomms, government, industrial control systems and many more to develop and provide appropriate testing methodologies to measure real-world risk from targeted persistent and skilled threat actors.”