Thursday, November 4 2021 | 13.00 - 16:00 pm

Venue: The Swan, At The Globe Theatre, 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London SE1 9DT

Save the date and your seat! 

Join us for JUMPSEC’s first in-person event in nearly 2 years. We'll provide refreshments throughout the afternoon, as well as a seated lunch.


An insightful afternoon with JUMPSEC. The team will explore the latest developments in the threat landscape, exploring the risks posed to your organisation, innovations and thought leadership within cyber security.  We will be encouraging discussion and debate.

What people will learn:

What is going on in the world of cyber security.

John Fitzpatrick, CTO

We will dive into the ever-changing threat landscape, skipping past the headlines to the things that matter.

We all know that if we're not evolving our cyber security programmes continually, then we're solving yesterday's problem, blind to today's and tomorrow's threat. This talk is intended to inform, help shape, give you confidence in your future cyber security activities. Amongst other things, we'll delve into ransomware, demystify who is being targeted, and share with you some of our own, not yet published, UK-specific data.

Responding to a cyber security incident.

Dray Agha, Security Researcher

To quote Mike Tyson: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face". When it comes to cyber incident response, never have truer words been spoken!

This talk will ensure that your chances of achieving the most favourable outcome increase when your organisation has been hit by ransomware or another cyber incident. We'll explain concepts that reduce your initial reaction time and enable you to respond quickly and effectively.

Detection and response in a cloudy world.

Thom Espach, Head of R&D

What is possible and what is not possible when it comes to detection and response in the cloud? Unsurprisingly there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but with a bit of contextual awareness, it is possible to achieve some excellent outcomes.

This talk will give some insights into what can be achieved to help you critically appraise different options for your organisation and align your controls with your organisation's attack paths.

Using Attack Paths for Effective Security.

Tom Ellson, Head of offensive security

For many years, we've been in a situation whereby traditional approaches to cyber security are increasingly ineffective. It's because organisations focus on the process rather than the desired outcome. In a world where adversaries' tactics and motives are constantly and regularly evolving, it is, in effect, a step backwards.

Imagine a world where offensive security knowledge informed defensive security controls, posture improvements from cybersecurity investments are compounded rather than 'point-in-time', progress and strategy were easily communicated. Imagine this could be achieved more cost-effectively and communicated in a language accessible to the whole business. We call it continuous assurance. It all starts with an attack path, an elegantly simple concept that this session will dive into, allowing you to draw your own for your organisation.


Thom Espach, Head of R&D

R&D sits at the heart of everything we do at JUMPSEC. As a business, we don't constrain ourselves to tired, traditional approaches, and we strive for genuine solutions to the challenges our clients face. We'd love to involve you in what we do, give you exclusive access to some of the tech we are developing for the benefit of your own organisations and help shape the journey with us.


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